MAY 2018 
New Post:  Did you know that the first motor car to be seen in Earlsotn was in 1898?   Read all about it in our latest blog HERE  - with thanks to two readers for contributing the information.

New Post:  A Date for Your Diary, with news of the next Auld Earlston Exhibition & Slide Show on  October 20th and 21t 2018 on the theme "Earlsotn in War and Peace: 1914-1949."  Read more about it HERE.

April 2018
New Post:  Memories of Earlston People and Places, penned by Rev. William Crockett (1866-1945).

New Post:  A Holiday, Curling and Bowling make the Earlston headlines in these snippets from the local press in the late 19th century.

March 2018 
New Post: - A Request!  Share with other readers an interesting story or photograph on our Earlston blog.  See more of the popular posts over the past three years.

New PostLooking back on three years of the Auld Earlston blog - with links to some of the most popular posts on a range of topics, during that time. 

February 2018

New Post: Earlston Woollen Manufacturer  John Simpson of Simpson & Fairbairn is the subject of a profile in our saltest blog post.  He was an example of a self made Victorian who st 15 years old  he was a warper in an Innerleithen tweed mill, became a tweed warehouseman in Hawick  a commercial traveller  and rose to the chief position of the Earlston mill.  

New Post: A Look at the history of Earlston Churches.  - the Parish Church, West United Presbyterian Church  and the ~East Church, later named St. John's.  

January 2018 

New Post:   Memories of John Moffat  (1919-2016) who spent his early childhood in Earlston in the 1920's  where his father Peter, opened the village’s first garage.    John was an adventurous little boy, always getting into scrapes, which he recalled in his biography. with excerpts here.  

New Post:  Travel around Earlston in Times Past, with a timeline of developments in road and bridge building,  and railway transport. 

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