18th September 2017
 NEW POSTA blog reader has explored his ancestors from Earlston - David Swanston, post runner and his grandson William Swanston, who was the official photographer for the visit of Prime Minister Asquith in 1908.    Read more HERE 


3rd September 2017
NEW POST: A contribution from a blog reader,  exploring the background to his early Earlston ancestors - the Hunter family of blacksmiths and  the Young family of joiners.  You will find it HERE.

22nd August 2017
NEW POST:  Colourful memories of milkman Jockie Stafford fill our latest post HERE.     Do read on.


7th August 2017
NEW POST:  Robert Carter was the young Earlston lad who emigrated to America and became  a successful New York publisher. Part One of his story focused on his memories of growing up in Earlston.  

Here in Part Two, we look at his arrival in New York, his career and family life and his happy recollections of making return visits to his childhood home. 


24th July 2017
 NEW POST  - Take a look  HERE at our latest blog post on Earlston's Historic Bridges, with photographs and postcards from our Archive Collection.


12th July 2017
NEW POST  -  Earlston born Robert Ewing Carter (1807-1889) emigrated to the USA in 1831 and became the founder and head of Carter Brothers, a well known New York Publishers.

Read a fascinating account  HERE of his hard childhood, working at the loom and on the farm; walking 25-30 miles to work in Peebles and study in  Edinburgh,  his love of books  and his stark account of witnessing an execution.  


21st June 2017
NEW POST - Take a look HERE  to see some examples of the range of archive material gathered in the five years of the group's history.


8th June 2017 
NEW POST - An  Earlston mole-catcher,  Stweart Paterson  (1832-1908),  made a good living from his trade and also built the Church Street property at the East End of the village.  Read about him in our latest post HERE

24th May 2017

NEW POST - Take a look at a cartoon view of Earlston High Street, penned in the early 20th century - HERE on our latest blog post .


8th May 2017

NEW POST Earlston's village blacksmiths  is the topic of our latest  blog post at  Thanks are due to the work  of Dr. Donald Straughan,  whose  ancestor was blacksmith Alexander Scott.  Dr. Straughan also looked  at other local families in the trade by the names of Aitken, Dickson, Lee, Sudden, Waldie and Wilkie.   Do read on!   


 25th April 2017
NEW POST  - a second look at Earlston's musical talents with photographs from Earlston Girls' Club "Simple Simon"  production and the Earlston Kinderspiel  (children's shows)  in the early 1900's.  Click  HERE 


6th April 2017 
NEW POST - A light-hearted look on our latest post at Earlston's Got Talent, with photographs of concerts and shows, spanning nearly 100 years.


22nd March 2017
NEW POST - In the 1860's Christopher Sanderson of Earlston was a successful businessman, a master grocer  who built a substantial block of properties at the corner of West Green.  Yet he left this behind  to become a  farmer and ended up in court  charged with arson.   Read all about him in the latest  article on our blog at  


14th March 2017
NEW POST - What was occupying the columns  of "The Earlston Comet", a new newspaper first published  in 1891Find out in our latest blog post at


 25th February 2017
NEW POST  - Our latest post looks at the fascinating information to be found in Earlston Kirk Session Records.   They provide us with a unique social commentary on life at the time - with the emphasis on charity and chastisement, as the church provided hlp to the poor and needy, but censure to those involved in "moral turpitude".  Read on at


13th February 2017
NEW POST  - Take a look at our latest blog post on the Blacksmiths of Earlston - at


 25th January 2017

New Post:  Find out how Earlston in 1931 became the first place in Berwickshire to have an aerodrome and the  excitement of local people in seeing an air display there - the topic of our  latest post on our blog at   


7th January 2017
 New Post: Our latest post HERE features a profile of Doctor John Young, who served the Earlston community and beyond for over fifty years.  


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